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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wow I haven't blogged in a while...

Once upon a time, I envisioned having a blog that I would use religiously. Here's another funny joke: Knock knock *who's there* You're mom. OHHHHH. I went there!

Anyway, I have been busy with many things, but regarding writing, I have been focusing on Mercy's Fall (it has changed even more since I last blogged about it...can you believe it? It is completely different than the first draft I ever had, and if you read the first draft and what I have now, you will think it was written by a completely different person.) It is crazy to think that I've been working on this novel for the better part of two years now, and I have yet to get more than ten chapters down. The struggle of writing is real. Overall, I like where it is going now, and I think I have a clearer vision as to where this whole project is going. Hopefully, it will be in stores in, I don't know, two years? Man, I wish. Who knows, you might be reading this now, and come a year or two, you'll be holding my book! The dream.

I have also started two other projects. Both are romances (woot woot!). The first is called Love Thy Enemy, and it is about--get this--it is about vampires. Hell yes. "Oh no, another Twilight!" you say? WRONG! Unlike the bland and pretty-much-useless Bella Swan, Ava Martin is one hell of a bad ass samurai chick! So to sum it up in a few words: this vampire, Peter, becomes blood bonded (which is the vampire equivalence to love at first sight...or bite...heh....okay that was really bad; I'm so sorry) to a human girl, Ava, who happens to be a vampire huntress. The story follows that whole mess. It may not necessarily have a very good plot or romance or dialogue or writing in general, but I started it for my amusement and to humor myself to see where this craziness ends up. It is also very enjoyable writing a strong minded female protagonist that takes no shit from any vampire, even if they are good-looking. Feminism, bitches!

Here is the first 2 chapters of Love Thy Enemy. Check it out!

My next story is one I started about two days ago, and I have high hopes for where it is heading. It is called When Love Conquered All. My inspiration for this story was a song called "What If You" by Josh Radin. Here is the song: 

Isn't it so good! 

Basically, the story is about these two lovers, Romeo and Juliet (yes, it is a twist on the Shakespeare classic, except it is very, very different in many aspects except the love part and the names). Romeo is a guard who guards a castle, and Juliet is a princess; they fall in love, but Romeo leaves her for some unknown reason. I am planning on having epic battles and lust and all great things every romance should have. Right now, it is pretty bare boned, and I only have the first chapter written. 

That is pretty much all I've been up to. Hopefully, if you're reading this, you like my writing, and stay tuned until my real work comes out! As always, have a stellar day!