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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A little about myself

  Hello every person who is reading this right now. You have reached my blog, where I speak about writing--specifically my writing--and other things related to writing. As discussed in my About Me section, I am an aspiring author with a dream of reaching publication. I have liked writing ever since I can remember, but it is only a few years ago when I took it seriously. I've always loved to read; I've always loved getting lost in the worlds authors, like J.K Rowling and Stephen King, have created. I decided that I wanted to create worlds that my readers can fall in love with. I want to create characters that make readers weep in sadness and laugh in joy. I have read so many books, and I have had connections with characters as if they really existed, as if they were my friends, and I was theirs. I want to create that connection with readers using my words. That is how I fell in love with the art of writing. It's my passion.

   I am in the process of writing two novels. I have an account on a website called Figment, where people post their writings. This website allows people to receive feedback and critiques on how to improve their writing as well as offering ideas, etc. On this website, I have over twenty pieces of mine posted--among them are novels in process, short stories, and poetry.

   You are probably wondering why I have this blog then. My goal is to discuss writing and talk about, not only my writing and what I'm writing about, but also the troubles I face with writing and, hopefully in due time, my process of...hopefully getting published? I also want to connect with my readers, the ones I have now and the ones I will hopefully gain in the future.

  Thanks for reading, and thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy my content, my writing, and my dream.

My Figment Account

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