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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Two years ago, I started a novel called Forbidden. It is about a blind southern belle in the later 1800s and a slave who meet each other and fall in love. The girl’s name is Grace, and the boy’s name is Peter. Grace has been molested since she was thirteen by a few of her father’s white workers, but mostly her father’s best friend, Frederick. Her father, Mr. Tomas Fielding, owns a large plantation, and Peter is sold to him. In Peter’s former plantation, he was a slave with his mother, a strong willed woman who taught Peter all he knows. He is something of a prodigy, so he is really intelligent, going above and beyond the teachings of his mother and master, who broke the “no education for slaves” law.

Right now I have eight chapters written. I have it posted on multiple writing communities, and I will add the links below if you, reader, would like to read what I have so far. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, and I do rather like the romance I have brewing between the two main characters. The only real issue I have with it is that I am using all that I’ve learned about slavery in America at that time, which is limited. All I have may not be historically accurate. Right now, I am building the romance and plot, and after I am finished with it, I will research all there is to know about slavery and relations between whites and blacks at that time.

I have an idea where this will go, but I still need to build on it, add more characters, and generally describe all there is to describe about my book, setting, and plot.

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