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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mercy's Fall

   So right now, I am focusing on my novel-in-process, which is called Mercy's Fall. A short summary is that it is about a human girl named Mercy who has weird powers that she doesn't understand, and her venturing out into the world for the first time. She figures out the repercussions for this, realizing that she is in the middle of a war with angels and demons.

    A few months ago I had written about eight long chapters, which introduced three main characters through each other their perspectives. I reread the chapters I had and really did not like what I saw, so I scrapped it all and restarted.

   Now I have a prologue, and two chapters written, and I absolutely love where it is going. I realized that with my previous half-draft, having three different perspectives was way too difficult and it was not working for the story line I had in mind. My angel, Ramiel, was way too human, especially with the romance I set up between him and Mercy. Pierce, although with the bad-ass edge I made him have, was too...good. I wanted him to be more evil, more demon than he was. He was too human as well. Mercy had no personality whatsoever, and even I felt bored to read what she had to say.

   With what I have now, I focus mainly on Mercy as a main character. It is in third person, but limited to Mercy and her experiences as she goes through the hardships she will have to go through. I had a review on Figment that said my story felt like a low-budget movie, with the minimal characters besides the three main ones I wrote about. I considered that when planning out the new Mercy's Fall, and I have introduced three other characters, a priest, a nun, and a boy named Thomas. With the two chapters I have written, I have not introduced Ramiel or Pierce, although I am going to have them in my novel as characters.

   The problems I am facing now with this NIP is deciding how much should be background and how much should actually be in present-day times. So far, I only have background. That is around 8700 words of background. I'm afraid that might be too much, but Mercy has such a complicated background that I feel I have to explain it in order for the reader to fully grasp what kind of person Mercy is, and how she arrived at the situation that she is in today (the "today" of the story, of course). I know that I have to sequeway into present day, as soon as possible, and I think figuring out how to do that in a way that doesn't make it feel all over the place is my major problem with the piece right now.

   I guess all I can do is write and see where I go from there.

Prologue and First Chapter. Check it out!

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